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This is one of the most scenic wine regions in the world. Enjoy exploring the beautiful countryside with a leisurely drive or bicycle ride. Stop for a picnic and some wine tasting at our world-class wineries.

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Sonoma Coast Appellation
This “umbrella” AVA comprises more than half a million acres, stretching from San Pablo Bay on the south to the Mendocino County border on the north. Cold-climate, estate-bottled producers widely scattered across this area have roughly 7,000 acres planted to vineyards. Cool temperatures and relatively high rainfall characterize the area’s weather and lead to slow grape maturation.
Date 02/18/2011
Russian River Appellation
This AVA holds fully one-sixth of Sonoma County’s vineyard acreage. It’s a cool-climate region, with coastal fog drawn into this low-lying valley on almost a daily basis during the growing season.
Date 12/15/2010
Rockpile Appellation
In the northwestern reaches of Sonoma County, on stark, hardscrabble ridgelines overlooking Lake Sonoma sits the county’s newest viticultural area. The name comes from a ranch that once counted 20,000 acres in cattle and sheep.
Date 12/15/2010
Knights Valley Appellation
The warmest of Sonoma County’s viticultural areas, Knights Valley derives its heat from its lofty perch, high on hills beyond the reach of the Pacific Ocean. The area’s eastern edge borders Napa Valley.
Date 12/15/2010
Green Valley Appellation
This is a small designation contained within the southwest Russian River AVA. It is the coolest and foggiest region of the Russian River Valley and is bordered by Sebastopol, Occidental and Forestville.
Date 12/15/2010
Sonoma Valley Appellation
This is the largest of four appellations in southeastern Sonoma County, with over 15,000 acres of vineyards. Also known as Valley of the Moon, it is open at both the north and south ends, allowing for daily cooling.
Date 12/15/2010
Dry Creek Valley Appellation
This valley is capped by Warm Springs Dam at the top and runs for 16 miles southwest between two ridges that are only two miles apart. Over 8,800 acres are vineyards.
Date 12/15/2010
Chalk Hill Appellation
On the northeast side of Windsor, extending along a short stretch of the Russian River is the Chalk Hill area, planted to 1,000 acres of vineyards. Chalk Hill abuts the Alexander Valley and Knights Valley AVAs.
Date 12/15/2010
Alexander Valley Appellation
This AVA sits at the top of Sonoma County with about 15,000 acres planted to grape vines out of a total 76,000 acres of available territory.
Date 12/15/2010

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