Jan. 6, 2011

The small-town ambiance of Cloverdale invites you to linger while enjoying the recreational and cultural opportunities it has to offer. Cloverdale is also a great jumping off point if you plan to tour some of Mendocino County’s southern areas.

Visit the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center to pick up walking maps of historic homes and churches. The Cloverdale Historic Museum is located downtown in the gothic-revival Gould-Shaw House, where you can take a break from shopping to relax in the lovely gardens.

The 19th century Victorian recently underwent a million-dollar renovation that includes a climate-controlled environment designed to keep the Cloverdale Historical Society’s historical artifacts in good condition. When the Historical Society opened the newly refurbished Cloverdale historical museum in fall of 2009, it was good timing: Cloverdale was turning 150 years old. To celebrate, the town gave itself a big birthday party along with a community parade.

You can view murals of historical scenes of Cloverdale on the north wall of the Sciaini Building at 124 S. Cloverdale Boulevard. They depict early life in Cloverdale and were painted by local artists. A nice fair-weather option is to picnic or take a leisurely stroll along the scenic Russian River at Cloverdale’s River Park, which also has a beach and access for fishing, kayaks and canoes.

By evening, there are seasonal activities to enjoy in the renovated downtown area and plaza, including a summer entertainment series, Friday Night Live, presented at the Plaza stage and sponsored by the Cloverdale Arts Alliance. The organization also sponsors the RealFlicks series, independent films screened at the Cloverdale Cinema on the 2nd and 4th Monday and Tuesday of every month.

Cloverdale Visitor Center.

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